Friday, December 10, 2010

On the Dutch Serbia position

As we all know the Dutch government is often the most fierce opponent of further EU integration of Serbia, asking that that there should first be full cooperation with ICTY.

Recently I attended a seminar where someone brought up the question whether Brammertz is the right person to judge on that issue. He is the prosecutor. His task is to keep up the pressure on Serbia to catch Mladic. Even if he has the impression that Serbia is fully cooperating he can never be 100% sure. And so his best strategy is to keep up the pressure. But if we want an evenhanded evaluation of Belgrade's cooperation we should ask him (and others) to hand over his evidence to an independent diplomat who can draw his own conclusions.

Interestingly I found this opinion confirmed in one of the WikiLeaks cables where it is stated that "Cooper said we are caught in a vicious circle with Brammertz, who feels he cannot utter the words "full cooperation" but is trying to indicate as much in other terms.".


Stories... said...

One must be very naive if one believes that such a superpower in Balkans as Serbia is having problems to locate a man like Mladic. Give me a break please. If they wanted to arrest him, they could have done it within an hour.

Wim Roffel said...

Stories, did you ever hear about Gotovina?