Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Will Israel help ISIS to victory?

The New York Times has a strange article today: Israel Says Hezbollah Positions Put Lebanese at Risk:

As Israel prepares for what it sees as an almost inevitable next battle with Hezbollah, the Shiite Lebanese organization that fought a monthlong war against Israel in 2006, Israeli military officials and experts are warning that the group has done more than significantly build up its firepower since then.
Effectively, the Israelis are warning that in the event of another conflict with Hezbollah, many Lebanese civilians will probably be killed, and that it should not be considered Israel’s fault.

The big question is: why now? Hezbollah is very busy in Syria and would be plainly foolish to open a second front with the Israeli's.

Israel's former ambassador Oren has several times that he prefers Al Qaeda over Assad.

So the big question is: is Israel contemplating to attack Hezbollah in order to help AL Qaeda win in Syria. These sudden threats may point in that direction and may be meant to prepare the public opinion for it.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Saudi's and Israeli's are reaping what they sowed

Israel and Saudi Arabia are making a lot of noise these days about the fact that an American agreement with Iran would make that country the local superpower. What they forget to mention is that twenty years ago that wouldn't have been the case. At that time Iraq and Syria were the natural counterweights against Iran. Unfortunately both countries were destroyed by the US - thanks to much lobbying from ... Israel and Saudi Arabia.

So they are just facing the internal inconsistencies of their foreign policies. Now they want the US to destroy Iran. And if that is finished they will bring up the next candidate for destruction - very probably Turkey - that will then be the regional hegemonist.

Maybe it is time that Israel learns to live with its neighbors in peace. Maybe it is time that Saudi Arabia stops exporting its extremism and learns to accept that it isn't the regional superpower that some of its leaders want it to be but that it never will be as it is too divided internally.