Monday, December 13, 2010

How to negotiate with Iran

According to Wikileaks the British ambassador in Tehran gave the Americans a few lessons on how to negotiate with Iran. Be tough but not aggressive. It looks like the US can use the reminder.

See here how the Wikileaks have been abused to suggest that the Arabs are in favor of an attack on Iran while they are not.

The book "Manufactured Crisis: The Secret History of the Iranian Nuclear Scare" by Gareth Porter claims that crucial documents that are used to claim that Iran aims for nuclear arms are forged.

How to talk to Iran list the errors the US made in the past while negotiating with Iran.

Building Blocks: The obsession that is preventing a nuclear deal with Iran discusses the Western demand to inspect Parchin. The accusation is that Iran should have tested there conventional explosives for use in a nuclear bomb. However, this falls outside the IAEA mandate that is only about the spread of nuclear material.

How the U.S. and Iran Keep Failing To Find a Peace They Both Want discusses how Bush and Obama failed. The article sees the election fraud as the big game changer - combined with Saudi, Israeli and other lobbies. It discusses also the calculations at the Iranian side.

As Israelis Press Obama on Iran, Let’s Remember they Urged Iraq War, Too: on his blog Juan Cole remembers us that Israel lobbied heavily for an attack on Iraq too ten years ago. Netanyahu himself wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal with the title "The Case for Toppling Saddam".

Ryan Crocker says U.S. is fumbling on Iran's nuclear program: Longtime U.S. diplomat Ryan Crocker says that when dealing with Iran, negotiations and concessions would be far more effective than tougher sanctions.

Iran nuclear negotiations: lessons from 10 years of failures

Talk to Iran, It Works by Ryan C. Crocker.

No, Sanctions Didn't Force Iran to Make a Deal

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Anonymous said...

How do you negotiate with a nation hellbent on exterminating another nation of 5.5 million Jews?

Do you let them kill off one or two million, and call it even?