Monday, July 19, 2010

Kosovo as a moral issue

I wrote a piece for Eurasia Review with the title Kosovo as a moral issue.

In my opinion the question what should happen with Kosovo is basically a moral issue that should be discussed with the fate of the people who live there (and who used to live there in case of the refugees) as the central issue. Arguments about European unity as a reason for the 5 countries who do not recognize Kosovo to do so sound to me as bombastic. I don't like assertions that a partition may set a precedent for other countries either. Deliberately putting people in a bad position will set a much worse precedent. Has anyone forgotten how the harsh treatment of Croatia's Serbs made the Bosnian conflict unnecessarily cruel and even served as a blueprint for Milosevic in his treatment of the Albanians during the Kosovo War?

On the Serbian side we see the same neglect of the moral issue. Tadic and Jeremic keep talking about the ICJ and Serbia's rights. But this will convince hardly any Western diplomat. They might achieve much more by talking about refugees or the treatment of minorities in Kosovo.

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