Saturday, May 08, 2010

On the arrest of Sabit Geci

On 6 may Sabit Geci was arrested on the accusation of involvement with human rights abuses at a secret KLA prison camp in Kukës in Albania. Just like the searches in the Transport Minitry this seems to indicate a more active role for EULEX.

The Center for investigative reporting claims its investigations led to the arrest. Their article contains a lot of interesting links regarding this article. In an interview their investigator Michael Montgomery says that his investigations started as a search for the Serbs who went missing after the war. In this context it is interesting to note that nearly simultaneously with the arrest EULEX came with the news that it has put its investigations in the organ harvesting case on a low level claiming lack of evidence. It didn't help that they didn't get help from Belgrade. Dick Marty from the Council of Europe is continuing his investigations. The Serbian prosecution claims that Geci also was involved in the organ trade.

Just as with the organ trade case Albania is refusing to ccoperate in the investigations in the Kukës camp.

I am still wondering how EULEX hopes to get these cases processed through Kosovo's judicial system, given the problems that the Kurti trial faces.

Postscript: the BBC has a nice background article on UCK prison camps in Albania during the war.

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