Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Radical Islam in Kosovo

Only a small percentage of the Kosovars adhere to radical Islam. But that doesn't mean that is hasn't influence. Balkanalysis' Christopher Deliso has an article about it under the title Lingering Security Concerns in Kosovo, as Imam Attacked by Radical Islamists.

Aprt from discussing a few incidents where Wahabists tried forcefully to influence imam election, the article also discusses the influence of muslim radicals on Kosovo's judiciary: "Most significant, however, was a report that mid- to upper-level judicial appointments in certain regions of Kosovo, as well as other civil sector positions, were being given to fundamentalist sympathizers.".

The article continues with discussing the continuing influx of foreign money to finance Wahabism and its effect. But it is rather vague on the exact source of the money or the quantity.


Anonymous said...

Where are the articles about the influence of the radical minority Serbian Orthodox believers in Kosovo also? This pro-genocide group has a record of causing much catastrophe in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Where is this "record" you speak of?
The evidence is to the contrary.