Saturday, November 08, 2008

Corruption in Kosovo

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has published a report about coruption in Kosovo and its impact of the busisness community. Unfortunately it is only the result of a questionnaire among businesses. It misses individual observations that would have given taste to the dry figures.

Most interesting I found the differences between Serb and Albanian businesses. Serb businesses have much more problems with the KEK (40%) and the Cadastre (30%), allthough the KEK is impopular with the Albanians too. But no institution get complaints of more than 15% of the Albanians.

Update: New Kosova Report has an elaborate interview with Avni Zogiani from the anti-corruption NGO COHU. He comments on the findings by saying that corruption is invisible because it is mainly in the political arena. All the checks and balances that should keep politics honest are simply not there.


pierre said...

Why is there an American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo?

Anonymous said...

The American Chamber of Commerce is found in many nations all over the world. Why should it be surprising that Kosovo is one of these nations?

Anonymous said...


That is a Non-responsive answer.

Anonymous said...

Pierre: Perhaps you need to ask a more meaningful question.

Are you wondering why the American Chamber of Commerce exists at all, or what?

Since it does, looking at the far-flung list of nations it is in, it is not surprising that a nation such as Kosovo is on the list.