Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Transparancy report on corruption

Transparancy International has published a report on corruption and Kosovo is in the top 10. I am not impressed.

4 of the top 10 "countries" in their "corruption barometer" are on the Balkan (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Romania). It is a consequence of their method: They simply ask 1000 people from each country whether he has paid a bribe in the last year. In many post-communist countries health care is free, but you often need to pay a bribe to get served. This makes them score very high. This is definitely a less harmfull type of corruption as when you need to bribe the police or some privitisation is corrupted but TI doesn't differentiate between types of corruption in their ratings.

Kosovars seem very hopeful that the situation will improve. Amazingly, just over the border in Albania people are very pessimistic. Quite a few Western countries - including the US - are pessimistic too.

The energy ministry is considered the most corrupt institution in Kosovo. Bad news for foreign investors in the new power plant.

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