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What US politicians really think about the Ukraine crisis

The article below is a translation of the article Was US-Politiker WIRKLICH über die Deutschen in der Ukraine-Krise denken. This article was also quoted in the Spiegel article Victoria Nuland: Amerikas Krawall-Diplomatin.

What US politicians really think about the Ukraine crisis

Munich - 2 februari 2015 - While a bloody war rages, at a security conference in Munich the next dangerous conflict is started. A diplomatic nerve war on the question whether the West should arm the government in Kiev. The adversaries are actually allies: the US against Europe, specially Germany.

Behind the sound proof doors of the conference rooms in Hotel „Bayerischer Hof“ the Americans speak straightly unfavorable about the Germans.

Friday evening, shortly after 19:00 hour. According to BILD-information at the sixth floor in the luxury hotel American four-star-generals, diplomats and high ranking US politicians meet for a confidential conversation in the „Briefing Room“ and vent their mood on the Germans.

• „Defeatist“ a US-Senator calls Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen (56, CDU), because she doesn't believe any more in a victory of the Ukrainians. The word „German defeatist“ can - according to BILD information - be heard several times in this round.

• Obamas top-diplomat for Europa, Victoria Nuland, characterizes the journey of the Chancellor to Putin as „Merkels Moscow-thing“, another US foreign politician speaks about the „Moscow-bullshit“ of the European.

• ANd US-Senator John McCain talks himself into a rage: „History shows us, that dictators will keep taking more if you let them. They will not be dissuaded from their brutal behavior, when you fly to them in Moscow - just as one flew once into this town.“ [a reference to the 1939 Munich conference that is nowadays seen as ineffective appeasement of Hitler - translator].

Merkels diplomatisc initiative in the Ukraine-crisis stands at the center of the American anger. The reason"the Americans don't believe that Putin can be moved to an agreement without massive pressure. But the Europeans don't want to further increase the pressure.

„They fear damage for their economy and counter-sanctions from the Russians“, says Nuland. „It is painful to see that our NATO-partner are getting cold feet“, says another US-politiciancaccording to BILD-information.

It is Obamas close confident Victoria Nuland, who at this kick-off evening whips up her American colleagues: „We can fight against the European, fight them rhetorically ...“

Several US-politicians seem to hesitate about arming Kiev. One asks whether this is "just a tactic", a "false promise" to get the Europeans to put more pressure on Putin. „No, it is not a tactic to prod the Eurpeans“, Nuland answers dryly. „We will also not send four divisions in Ukraine, as the Europeans fear. This is about a rather moderate supply of anti-tank arms.“

„But what will we tell the Europeans, when we really decide in favor of arms deliveries?“, asks a US member of Congress. „What is then our story?“

► Nato-Commandant General Philip Breedlove is also present at the meeting. He answers: „We would not be able to deliver so many weapons that Ukraine can defeat Russia. This is not our goal. But we must try to raise the price for Putin at the battle field and delay this whole problem so that sanctions and other measures can do their work.“

Again chips in Nuland, who is fuent in Russian and served Dick Cheney as security advisor: „I must fervently ask you to use the expression defensive arms, that we will supply against Putin's offensive arms.“

► General Breedlove explains the US-Politicians, how such arms deliveries could look in reality: „Russian artillery kills by far the most Ukrainian soldiers. So they need systems with which they can locate this artillery and quickly return fire. The communication of the Ukrainians become either disrupted or completely intercepted. So they need interception-proof communication devices. Then I am not going to talk about some anti-tank missiles, but we see massive supply movements from Russia to Ukraine. The Ukrainians need the ability to stop these transports. And then I would add a few small, tactical drones. "

Brisant: The planned weapons and systems are technically so demanding that US troops would probably need to train the Ukrainian army. Thus, the United States would intervene with their own troops in the conflict.

The last time there was so much disagreement between Europeans and Americans at the Munich security conference was in 2003 - shortly before the Iraq War. Tomorrow Chancellor Angela Merkel travels to US-president Barack Obama in Washington. They have much to discuss ...

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