Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Obama makes it hard not to believe conspiracy theories

Sometimes Obama makes it hard not to believe conspiracy theories.

If he really cared about the MH17 he would long ago have released his satellite data and pressured Kiev to release conversations of the plane with the control tower. Instead he hides data and evades questions about why the plane followed an alternative route and was forced to fly lower and whether there was an Ukrainian fighter jet near the plane.

If he really cared about Ukraine he would have pressed for real negotiations. Putin could live with the Orange revolution. He won't ask too much now. Instead the US is pressuring Kiev not to negotiate at all.

Putin is fully aware that sanctions are a kind of blackmail and that ceding to them will only result in more blackmail. So if Obama wants him to change his behavior he will have to negotiate and make concessions.

So my guess would be that Obama is playing for two audiences:
- for the neocons he is going to extremes to look how far he can humiliate Russia. Obviously he doesn't care about the casualties.
- for the oil lobby he doing what he can to raise the oil price.

Once I hoped Obama would be a capable president. Nowadays I consider him a fool who very well might start World War III.

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Jan Verheul said...


this is a false flag. No doubt about it. They had the whole scenario ready: massive pointing at Putin as the real perpetrator,over and over and over again. They had a tape that was tampered with, ready in a few hours. The Cui Bono question gives a tremendous bonus for the USA.
They want,no, they mùst destroy Russia. It is their last chance to make the other Brics to afraid to go on with the revolt ( their bank, no longer the $ as currency etc. Etc.

I know that the Media are in the hands of the 1%, but even then I was surprised. Not one honest journalist in the land anymore... poor us.

Greetings, J V