Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Egypt's illusions

I had a look at the demands of Egypt's Tamarod movement. The original page has disappeared but Archive.org still has a copy. It is the text of a signature campaign for the departure of Morsi and speedy new presidential elections:

Rebel Campaign (For the destitution of Mohamed Mursi Al Ayat)
  • We reject you … Because Security has not been recovered so far
  • We reject you … Because the deprived one has still no place to fit
  • We reject you … Because we are still begging loans from the outside
  • We reject you … Because no justice has been brought to the martyrs
  • We reject you … Because no dignity was left neither for me nor for my country
  • We reject you … Because the economy has collapsed, and depends only on begging
  • We reject you … Because Egypt is still following the footsteps of the USA
Since the arrival of Mohamed Mursi to power, the average citizen still has the feeling that nothing has been achieved so far from the revolution goals which were life in dignity, freedom, social justice and national independence. Mursi was a total failure in achieving every single goal, no security has been reestablished and no social security realized, thus and gave clear proof that he is not fit for the governance of such a country as Egypt. That said, I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I am of sound mind and with my full will, as a member of the Public Assembly of the Egyptian people, the destitution of Dr. Mohamed Morsi Isa Ayat, and call for early presidential elections, and I promise to uphold the goals of the revolution and work to achieve them and propagating the Rebel Campaign for masses so that together we can achieve a society of dignity, justice and freedom
. Next the document asks your name, id number, governerate, district and email. The problem is that these demands are so vague. We can see it now already with the way the military is behaving that they are clueless what to do. BTW. the Tamarod campaign was financed by some Egyptian businessman: Mr. Sawiris, one of Egypt’s richest men and a titan of the old establishment, said Wednesday that he had supported an upstart group called “tamarrod,” Arabic for “rebellion,” that led a petition drive seeking Mr. Morsi’s ouster. He donated use of the nationwide offices and infrastructure of the political party he built, the Free Egyptians. He provided publicity through his popular television network and his major interest in Egypt’s largest private newspaper. He even commissioned the production of a popular music video that played heavily on his network. [] Ms. Gebali, the former judge, said in a telephone interview on Wednesday that she and other legal experts helped tamarrod create its strategy to appeal directly to the military to oust Mr. Morsi and pass the interim presidency to Hazem el-Beblawi, a former chief of the constitutional court.

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