Friday, May 03, 2013

Most of the world opposes arming the Syrian rebels

The BBC reports (Little international support for arming Syria rebels) about the lack of international support for arming the Syrian rebels. Only in Jordan is there a majority in favor. In Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, France, the UK, the US and Germany a wide majority is against. Here is the article on the PEW website.

For the US see also this article: Modest Support for Military Force if Syria Used Chemical Weapons.
A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that only 11 percent of Republicans favored arming Syrian rebels while just 15 percent backed U.S. military involvement. Republicans and independents were more likely than Democrats to want to take no action at all. A Gallup poll found that Democrats, Republicans, and independents were all opposed to the United States entering Syria’s civil war by majorities greater than 60 percent.

For the UK: Just a quarter of Britons back Hague on arming rebels in Syria
Syria crisis: MPs 'right to reject military action' - BBC poll: According to an opinion poll three quarters of the Brits think their parliamentarians did the right thing when they voted against participating an attack. See also COMRES/ ITV NEWS POLL: SIX IN TEN BRITONS SAY DAVID CAMERON WAS ‘RECKLESS’ OVER SYRIA ACTIONS: The latest Index poll conducted by ComRes for ITV News at Ten reveals that six in ten Britons (59%) believe that the Prime Minister behaved ‘recklessly’ by publicly proposing military action in Syria without knowing if he had the support of Parliament. One in five disagree (21%) and a similar number are unsure (20%).

More figures for Turkey: The English-language daily Today’s Zaman reported on June 16 that the latest MetroPoll survey indicated that 54.2% of respondents opposed the government’s Syria policy, while only 27.4% supported it. In addition, 49.9% were against Assad's staying in power, but 43.9% said they did not care about this one way or another.

5 September 2013: World Public Opinion Sharply Opposed To Syria Strikes

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