Thursday, January 03, 2013

Arabs not helping Syria

The UN has complained that it receives much too little money for humanitarian help for Syrians : Out of the USD 348 million that were requested as minimum for humanitarian response, we received only "USD 151 million, which is not sufficient to deal with the situation," Radhouane Nouicer, UN Regional humanitarian coordinator in Syria, told a press conference in Brussels. Very likely there is a lot of money going bilaterally, but the UN has received very little.

This stinginess was also visible in the Sakr tapes about how the uprising is financed from Turkish and Lebanese territory: On several occasions, the Lebanese MP refused to give out financial support to the wounded or civilian refugees, saying “there are humanitarian organizations they can go to,” according to the source.

Similar stinginess has been experienced by the Palestinians. The Arab League had promised to fund the money that the Palestine Authority misses because of Israeli sanctions for its UN resolution. They keep postponing...

Unfortunately the West is just rather stingy too.

U.N. Calls Lag in Syria Aid Worst Funding Crisis in Recent Memory

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