Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Syria links

This page is for storing interesting Syria links. Please note that some of my posts are also regularly updated collections of links:
- The Houla hype contains all the news about the Houla massacre.
- Syria's stolen revolution contains news about those from the opposition who don't like the violent turn of the uprising.
- Foreign involvement in the Syrian rebellion is a very extensive collection on that subject.

Conflicts forum "aims to shift Western opinion towards a deeper, less compartmentalised understanding of Islam and the Middle East." The site contains lots of interesting articles.

Ousted priest committed to peace in Syria tells the story of the flamboyant Father Paolo Dall’Oglio who was recently thrown out of Syria and now resides in Lebanon.

Russians and Syrians, Allied by History and Related by Marriage tells about the many Russian women who have married Syrian men. There are some 20,000 of them living in Syria - result of many decades of Syrian men studying in Russia.

Disorganized like a fox is an article praising the diversity of the opposition. The author wrote also a larger report: Syria's political opposition.

The Syria Paradox. A rather short article that looks at the upper class of Syria (usually not Alawite as Alawites were primitive country bumps half a century ago). But the conclusion is not very clear although it seems that the author believes that a revolution is necessary.

Syrian Tribal Networks and their Implications for the Syrian Uprising: As you can expect from Jamestown - a thorough study. But it is always good to keep in mind that the CIA pays part of the bills at Jamestown.

Syria: Armed Opposition Groups Committing Abuses is a HRW report dating from 20 March 2012.

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