Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mob rule revisited

As I mentioned before I am not a great fan of revolutions - even if they are peaceful. Even when it were just large demonstrations and a overrun of the parliament that threw over the government it was still a form of mob rule. And that sets the stage for more mob rule and anarchy.

Now the NY Times is reporting ("Tunisia Cracks Down Again on Protesters Defying a Ban") about how the new rulers of Tunisia are cracking down on protests. The article mentions clashes between liberal and conservative protesters (the ultimate consequence of mob rule) and discontent among the secular left who feel that they are facing the same kind of suppression as under Ben Ali - only now from the Islamists (a typical case of a revolution eating its own children).

That there is mob rule in Tunisia is by now well established. Women are under heavy pressure to wear scarfs, many shops selling alcohol have been attacked and destroyed and a multitude of strikes has paralyzed the economy.

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