Friday, February 03, 2012

A man to watch on Syria

Keep an eye on Adnan Arour, a Sunni firebrand who preaches from Saudi Arabia on Saudi funded satellite channels. Some of his preaches can also be seen on Youtube. His most known statement is that Alawites who resist the revolution should be chopped and their flesh fed to the dogs.

Another tele-preacher calling for the fall of Assad is Youssef Al-Qardawi. He is president of the International Union of Scholars and also of the European Council for Fatwa and Research.

Yet another tele-voice is the Saudi cleric Saleh Al-Luhaidan who urged: “kill a third of Syrians so the other two-thirds may live”. Kill one-third of the Syrian population? That would imply slaying the Christians, Jews, Shiites, Druze and Alawite.

Other Salafist Sheikhs (preachers on tape) from Saudi Arabia: Ibn Baz and Ibn Ottaimin

Saudi funded hatred trying to destroy Syria.

Postscript 1: Arour is often painted as someone with little influence. However, according to this article (The Shadow War Behind Syria’s Rebellion: Foreign Backers Jockey for Influence in Turkey) in September 2012 a group of senior military defectors and the Saudi-based Salafi sheikh Adnan al-Arour set up the Joint Command of the Revolutionary Military Councils. That puts him in the center.

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Anonymous said...

Decades of socialism under the Assad dynasty have already destroyed Syria.

Today is the anniversary of the Hama massacre, in which the socialist regime attacked the civilian population of the city of Hama in an orgy of rape and murder that left close to 30,000 dead.

Syria is being destroyed. And no, it is not by those who want this tyranny to end.