Monday, November 07, 2011

How not to win a propaganda war

Serb nationalists have published a video that an Albanian newspaper found quite useful. It shows NATO soldiers removing a barricade with primitive means while elsewhere Serbs are using better material to strengthen their barricade. In the mean time some Serbs youth are standing around teasing the soldiers with the words "Arbeit" (German for work).

These youth stroke me as totally stupid. They should try to convince NATO of their point of view, not turn it into an enemy. Obviously they don't understand the power of NATO and how nasty it can be. It raised for me the question whether there were any Serb adults in the area. And if they were - why they didn't interfere. One should give those youth banners and slogans that serve their cause but one should withhold them from this kind of self-destructive actions.

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The Hero of Crappy Town said...

Maybe you should revise your expectations. When you attack someone, occupy him and work to subjugate him the normal reaction is for the person to resist you, not to pander to you.

Clearly there has been far too much sucking up to the west from the Balkans already and it has spoiled you.