Friday, October 07, 2011

Belgrade's Gay Parade

Belgrade has forbidden its Gay Parade for this year.

I think they have a point in this. Demonstrating and rioting against Belgrade's Gay Parade has become a kind of meeting point for Serbia's extreme rightists. Given the upheaval about Kosovo they would probably be stronger than ever and their protests might even attract people who don't have anything against gays but who do believe in the extremist cause.

In that light I think the EU position that the Parade should be held is disingenuous. I suspect that they see the Parade as a win-win-win situation. If Serbia's government manages to keep order it would be a loss for Serbia's extreme right. If there are riots it would be used against Serbia in the Kosovo negotiations and if they forbid the Parade that is used against them.

There is no doubt that Serbia should do more to get its right extremists under control. But using the gays as decoy birds for that purpose seems to me a bad move.

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The Hero of Crappy Town said...

Seeing they banned rallies in support of imperiled Kosovo Serbs it would be a little too much to then go ahead with a different kind of rally don't you think?