Friday, August 05, 2011

Rewarding violence in Kosovo

Does anyone remember how the violence in former Yugoslavia began? It was when Slovenia occupied its border posts. The violence was rewarded by the EU that in following 10-days war put enormous pressure on the Yugoslav Army to withdraw. Since then it has often been noticed that if the EU hadn't rewarded violence at that point the other Yugoslav conflicts might have been solved more peacefully too.

Now we see that after Kosovo's unilateral occupation of the border posts the EU and the US are again rewarding violence by insisting on a final outcome that is more to the liking of Pristina than the situation before their action. It can only be expected that this rewarding of violence will produce more violence.

Of course this is not the first time that our peace keepers have rewarded violence. They did the same after the march 2004 riots when they suddenly dropped their "standards before status" requirements.

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Anonymous said...

The violence was really caused by the Serbia army remaining in occupation of nations (Slovenia, Croatia, etc) that wanted them gone.

Military occupation IS a form of violence.

Stop blaming the victims.