Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sign the petition against EU natura medicine law

The EU wants to introduce new legislation that forbids all natural medicine that haven't been tested anew in a long complicated bureaucratic procedure. The consequence will be that many natural medicine will become forbidden.

Sign the petition to stop this EU directive!


Anonymous said...

This law is surely opposed by scammers who make millions ripping off the public with quack cures and "neutraceuticals"... the modern high-tech equivalent of the old snake-oil salesmen.

I applaud the EU for fighting against the scams.

Wim Roffel said...

If you had read about how Big Pharma is behaving you wouldn't be so sure about who is offering quack cures.

Besides that: many of those "quack cures" have proved their working for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the companies that produced drugs that actually heal people are despised by the quacks and crystal merchants.

The scam artists rely on a combination of multiple things, including the placebo effect, appeals to tradition (the idea that old ways of medicine that do not work at all are somehow to be valued just as folk singing is), and wishful thinking.

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