Monday, March 28, 2011

Kosovo's mafia

GlobalPost has three articles (How the US and allies ignore organized crime at the highest levels of a new democracy, Assassinations and intimidation and A hotbed of human trafficking) on organized crime in Kosovo.

In the articles are links to two external sources: one is a NATO/KFOR presentation on organized crime in Kosovo. Instead of a pdf they use their own type of presentation software that tends to stop after a couple of slides. What I have seen (the first 12) are maps of Kosovo with names of local mobsters and their gangs. In a NATO report from 2004 close associates of Thaci are extensively described.


navy said...

We now everything over the crime US - Kosovo Gangs, since September 1998! a big shame, for the nato and american gangsters in albania, kosovo, macedonia

Anonymous said...

At least the article recognizes that Serbia's temporary colonization of Kosovo is indeed long over.

The dateline reads Pristina, Kosovo, not Pristina, Serbia.