Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Confusing signals from the West

WAZ.Euobserver has an article about the confusing signals Western leaders and diplomats are sending to Serbia. It amazes itself about the influence Western diplomats have in Serbia where they are regularly interviewed by newspapers and tv stations. In contrast in EU countries diplomats are completely invisible in public life.

The article closes with a quote from an anonymous diplomat who says that there is a high risk the Union blocks both Serbia and Kosovo's European integration:

"I am afraid leaders in Belgrade and Pristina do not understand that if they want to move ahead on the European path, it is not important how many countries support you, but whether there is consensus in the EU or not. In other words, you need all EU countries on your side. To stop you or to slow you down, just one member state is sufficient," the diplomat noted.

If only more Western leaders and diplomats were so wise....

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