Saturday, January 23, 2010

Russian Youtube cop arrested

Russia has a serious problem with corruption, specially in the police. Some time ago a cop from Novorossiisk published a video complaining about the local coruption. Now he has been arrested for "fraud and abuse of power".

It looks like Putin prefers to let his comrades of law and order pilfer the country rather than to restore order and make the country a safe place to do business.

Postscript: Here is an update: the cop, mr. Dymovsky, was released after a few weeks, probably because he is too famous. Russia's parliament is now adopting a law that would make what he did punishable.

Postscript 2: on 3 august the NY Times published a video report with the title "Russia's YouTube Whistle-Blower" about Dymovsky and others who after him also published video complaints.

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