Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gerard Gallucci's Kosovo blog

I want to draw your attention to the blog of Gerard Gallucci. You may remember him as the UN Regional Representative in Mitrovica from 2005 to 2008, who came in the news because of his criticism of the way the evalucation of the court building in Northern Mitrovica on 17 march 2008 was handled.

At the moment is is living in Australia but his blog is still mainly about Kosovo. His blog is by far the most active blog that I know about Kosovo. Well informed and thoughtful.

Gallucci is critical of the international community's role in Kosovo and believes many of the policies chosen in Kosovo are partial in favor of the Albanians and potentially destabilizing.

Postscript: Here is a recent interview with Gerard Gallucci about Kosovo.


jupiter said...

Yeah sure, we do remember him as a non reliable person who was lost in the space, who spent time in Kosovo but never understood what was going on. It's a kind of man that you buy him a coffee and he says what you want him to say! Moron!

Anonymous said...

I also remember this guy well and in my view his reputation for astounding ignorance, matched only by his overbearing arrogance earned him the well-dererved reputation for being UNMIK's No.1 bullshit artiste in the whole orgnisation - no mean feat in itself!

Anonymous said...

I remember this person very well, in Mitrovica he was going from one restaurant to another, giving declarations against Albanians and favoring the Serbian community not because he loves one or another community but it was good place to prolonge the stay, without any risk, having a big salary and very young Serbian women by his side.
Before he criticizes the International community today what they are working or doing, he should think behind and see what he has done in Mitrovica from 2005 to 2008 except sitting behind the walls and doing nothing just deepen the division between the Serbian and Albanian Communities. Do you remember Mr. Gallucci when you asked people why they didn’t ask you for permision to visit their homes? Do you remember when you didn’t respond to requests on actions asked by NGO’s on the benefit of both communities? Do you remember when you started to avoid reporting in UNMIK-HQ in Pristine but you reported directly to your friend David Harland? Those things the Kosovars are not going to forget because you did a big harm on their back. Don’t expect very big results from the International community now because they have double job now, to repair the harm you did and other problems that were there before you came.
I can understand why Mr Gallucci so interested on Kosovo especially for Mitrovica and uses his blog still against Kosovar community; from all that he writes on his blog it seems that he wanted to stay longer in Kosovo but he had to leave because he was not welcomed from all communities.
Yes I remember him and hope in East Timor now from the beginning with whom they have to deal….

Gerard Gallucci said...

I appreciate the memories from jupiter and the two anonymoui. Peacekeeping means trying to keep the peace. Along the Ibar, the best way to do this was to find ways to avoid either side taking provocative actions and to tamp down the reaction to anything that threatened to break the peace. At one time or the other, both sides found my lack of support for THEIR provocation to mean I supported the other side. But working for the UN means answering to the Security Council and not to either side in a conflict.

Enver, Novi Pazar said...

I was shocked today when I read the papers, and discovered that an ex-US diplomat criticizes US policies in this part of the world?! I haven't been following int'l views on Kosovo so closely for some time, but this is an interesting paradigm - an ex-diplomat from the US, independent from the US, giving some rational answers and ideas... I'm glad I've stumbled upon this page as well... Thanx for pointing out to Mr. Gallucci's blogging.

klentina said...

I don't know who you are and I don’t really care to know, but I read the article "Kosovo – Is United States Inciting Violence In North?" and I don't know how to explain what I felt, certainly not joy!!

Mr. Gallucci needs to straighten u his facts about Kosovo in general and specifically Kosovo Albanians.

1. Belgrade never pressured Kosovo Serbs to cooperate with the EULEX or other international organizations.
2. Kosovo is a secular country. Therefore, there is no Islamic extremist threat.
3. If he doesn't pay electricity bill, will he have electricity. Perhaps not... So, how can you expect 1 million Kosovo Albanians don't have electricity, water and so on., why should Serbians have that luxury. Yes, having water 24/7 is a luxury for many Kosovo Albanians, in fact.
4. Personally I am tired of paying taxes as a citizen so we can build homes for once war criminals, who indeed where the ones that burned them down during 1997-1999!
Not just you Mr. Gallucci, but UN in general has no credibility to discuss and make any decisions about Kosovo or any other nation anymore!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe there are two Gerard Galluccis. The one I met in Kosovo was highly respected and admired by every peacekeeper, even loved. His intelligence and understanding of the Kosovo problems was unique as it was his sense of honour and his courage and independence. A person I'm honored to have worked with.

dif said...

[3. If he doesn't pay electricity bill, ..., why should Serbians have that luxury. Yes, having water 24/7 is a luxury for many Kosovo Albanians, in fact.]
I was present in 2006 and 2008 (AOR: Zvecan - Lipo;)indead consumable water & electricity 24/7 is a luxury. Not only the isolated homes in the mountains (KosSerbs) but also the (KosSerbs)villages along the main road towards Gate1are suffering from lack of water and electricity. The differend road conditions (& road constructions) between South Mitro and North Mitro are even so a reference. So klentina, before making a statement start by visiting this area (with a clear mind)

MD said...

To Mr Galucci:
We all know you are a diplomat and that your job IS to bullshit people. But, if you have to do it, please do it with more style. Don't add insult to injury by treating us as complete idiots. Thank you

Gjon said...

Mr. Gallucci,
Did anyone tell you that you probably have Albanian blood from the Arberesh of Cosenza, Southern Italy?