Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mr. Ahmadinejad, please wash your mouth!

The discussion about Iran's nuclear program seems stucked. It seems improbable that Russia will put much pressure on Iran, the US isn't really in a hurry to get yet another battle field and Ahmadinejad seems shortly after the contested elections not in a position to make major concessions. The only country really upset about all this is Israel - that remembers some radical pronunciations by Ahmadinejad.

That makes me conclude that the most elegant temporarily solution would be if Ahmadinejad took some of his radical statements about Israel back. Can please someone convince him that radioactivity is dangerous stuff and that the world expects from leaders who play with it signs of maturity and responsibility?


Stories from the other side said...

We all know that he is rough and his comments on Israel, given they are translated correctly from Persian, are completely unacceptable. But we should take a look at what couses his outbursts against the West and Israel, which him like other Middle East Muslims sees a Trojan Horse with only one goal which is destabilizing the Middle East. One would expect the Western countries respect the principle of equality of treatment when they ask Iran to discontinue their nuclear program (with expressed goal for only energy use) while at the same time votes against and persueds other states to do the same when Egypt proposes resolution in the IEA calling for Israel to give IEA inspectors access to it's neclear facilities. And frankly said I don't think isolating give any cooperation mood, empirical studies show that isolation have never given any good results. Obama has understood this and has chosen different strategy.

Stories from the other side said...

I meant IAEA not IEA.

Anonymous said...

He should pretty much retract everything he has said about Israel, a nation that has never lifted a finger against Iran or threatend to (other than threats to blow up the nuclear bomb factories, which are reasonable threats considering that Iran is building them as part of its effort to exterminate the Israelis by any means necessary).

What causes his outbursts is not a bogus "trojan horse" myth, but rather a deep seated anti-semitism which is part of Iran's "Islamic Nation" status, which is itself a declaration of war against anything that does not match its brand of Islam.

There is no need for "equality" as you claim. Israel's nuclear program is not a worry, and is entirely defensive.

Obama is giving an appearance of appeasing the aggressors in these conflicts, and of taking their unreasonable demands seriously. One can hope it is only an appearance.

After all, how can one "negotiate" with Iran on its main foreign policy goal of exterminating a nation of 5.5 million Jews? Meet them halfway and let them exterminate 2 million, and be done with it?