Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Croatia's border disputes

Javno has an article about border conflicts in former Yugoslavia. If you thought that the see borders between Croatia and Slovenia and the border between Kosovo and Macedonia are the only problems you are wrong. There are many more problems:
- Croatia with Montenegro: teh sea border and the Prevlaka peninsula
- Croatia with Slovenia: the Piran Bay, the border on the Mura river and Sveta Gera.
- Croatia with Bosnia: the border on the Una river near Kostajica, the border near Zeljave (Bihac), and near Martin Brod.
- Croatia with Serbia: the disputed points on the Danube river, and near Principovac near Ilok.

These are only Croatia's problems. Other borders won't be much better. The problem is that natural borders and the different registries do not always match.

As the article notes: first Italy blocked Slovenia over the border, now Slovenia is passing the same treatment to Croatia. If - as can be expected - Croatia will pass the favor on when it becomes an EU member we can expect a lot of political mayhem. I am puzzled why the EU still hasn't forced the ex-Yugo countries to sign an agreement that they won't block each others access to the EU.

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