Friday, September 05, 2008

Progress on the ICJ case and the Alexander Borg-Olivier question

Inner City Press has an article about how the Serbia's ICJ case is going at the United Nations. They seem optimistic that many countries will support it - even the US hasn't decided yet to vote against it.

BTW: does anybody know the exact text of the Serb resolution?

Another item is Alexander Borg-Olivier. This man lobbied as UN employee with the Malta government to recognize Kosovo: a direct violation of UN neutrality. He also oversaw the (illegal) transfer of money from the privatisation office to the Kosovo government (the money should be used to pay ownership claims but until now virtually nothing has been paid). Even worse: he is now advising the Kosovo government. This again goes against UN rules. As he is now paid by the EU this puts the EU in a questionable position.

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