Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The other Serbia

I mentioned before my disgust about how some "reformist" Serbs talk about their countrymen who don't agree with them. No I find a nice post by Grac Falcon on "the other Serbia". It is a translation from a book with discussions from the Peščanik show on B92.

What I found most striking is the anti-democratic attitude with quotes like "Oh, if everyone heeded the will of the people, we'd have all been fucked, The very worst thing here is that the elected politicians follow the will of the people", "The government has to listen to the citizens, yes, but those citizens have to have certain values".

I becomes brutally fascist with quotes like "Either we get them, or they will get us. We need to attack, but not piecemeal, but straight at the head, where they are most dangerous", "I have only one thing to say about the Serbian elite: Napalm is all!".

This is the attitude that brought us Franco, Mussolini and Pinochet. These people form only a part of the "reformists". But I think it is dangerous to ignore them or to consider them as innocent enthousiasts. If these people get the power Milosevic will start to look like Mother Teresa.

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