Thursday, October 06, 2005

Opposition to US foreign policy "unites" EU

Maria Strömvik of the university of Lund (Sweden) has made a study of the European foreign policy. She investigated the effects of fights with the US, like recently about the Iraw war. On first sight this looked to have a very divisive effect as countries who supported the US fought with countries who opposed it. But - this policologist concludes - in the end it stimulated the EU countries to formulate a common security strategy.

This sound very nice but it reminds me of those politicians who spend half their lives in prison fighting some dictator. When they finally come to power they prove to be just as rude. The dictator was their only role model and now they are doomed to repeat his mistakes.

Similarly the European foreign policy is starting to look more and more like the American. Europe is so focussed on the US that it fails to see that it is giving up its own ideals and interests in the process.

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