Wednesday, October 26, 2011

KFOR lies

KFOR claims that it insists on "unconditioned freedom of movement for all citizens and international missions".

This sounds nice. But beneath it are a few lies:

- there is no real freedom of movement in the South of Kosovo. The cities are still nearly mono-ethnic Albanian, most minorities live in enclaves, refugee returns are virtually nonexistent and just a year ago Amnesty International wrote a report about the maltreatment of Roma returnees. The Serbs in the North have good reason to want to stay free of this kind of "freedom".

- the Albanian police men and border guards are neither just citizens nor part of an international mission. They are officials who want to impose their rule. Nobody contests their right to visit Northern Kosovo as a tourist but they have different intentions. So when KFOR spokesman Nowitzki provides this argument for the KFOR position he misses the contradiction in his own words.

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